STLCL - Youth Cricket - NewsFlash 2012 Youth Cricket Tournament #2

Top 5 Player's from Level U14, U9 & U7 click here...

Level Team Name Performance Statistics
U14 STL Super Kings view
U14 Challengers view
U14 Phantoms view
U9 Master Blasters view
U9 Titans view
U9 Twisters No View
U7 Little Masters & Little Warriors view
2012 Youth Cricket Tournament #2 - Team Rankings
Ranking U7 Teams U9 Teams U14 Teams
1 Little Masters Master Blasters Phantoms
2 Little Warriors Titans STL Super Kings
3 - Twisters Challengers
Comments from Parent Coaches of Tournament #2

Challengers Team Coach Phil Ewing

It's been a fun season and the Challengers have improved hugely over the course of the games we played. We initially struggled adjusting between the different worlds of baseball and cricket. Who knew how completely and utterly different the approach to batting is! Not me for one! However, by the end of the season our strokes were becoming stronger, and our shot placement was more thoughtful! We may not have won a game, but I have to thank all my boys for approaching the games with such a positive attitude, for remaining interested throughout and most of all for really enjoying themselves; especially those boys who never even heard of the game of cricket before this August! My thanks must also go to all the parents who got the boys to practices and games; I look forward to forming a team with your boys next year.

STL Super Kings Team Coach Sanjay Kumar

STL Youth Cricket Tournament is getting bigger, better and more competitive with each game. The kids are really enjoying and having great time even during the practice sessions which means they are taking it seriously too and so are the proud parents. But we still need more commitments and efforts from the coaches and parents to ensure the kids learn and play this game the right way and in the right spirit. Unless parents devote more time and interest to the kids development for this game, this will never become great success. But seeing the progress in some of the kids, if not all, I am sure everyone is enjoying it fully and wants to take this to the next level. Letís make sure all kids attend regular practice sessions and play all games if possible. This is great cricket and great opportunity for our kids to learn and play this game which we grew up playing and watching for so many years. I really enjoyed my time coaching and playing with the young and very talented players. Good luck for the next season.
STLCL - Youth Cricket News Letter for Tournament #2
Youth STL Cricket League successfully completed their 2nd Tournament on 7th October 2012. We had 62 kids participate in the tournament from Age Range 6-14. The tournament had 3 levels U7, U9 and U14. The tournament ran for 12 weeks starting on August 4th, and it witnessed a steady growth among the participants at all Levels.
The league also reached a new landmark of building a new cricket ground at Bales Park, St. Charles which would be primarily dedicated to training and development of youth Cricket in St. Louis and surrounding area. The full size concrete pitch is build in between two attached baseball fields, and has about 70 yard radius. The park is very conveniently located near St. Charles downtown and is very family friendly and well maintained.
The prize distribution and family picnic was held on October 14th at Bales park and was attended by more than 120 parents and kids. The picnic began with a friendly game of Cricket moms, followed by a presentation of progress and future plans by League Coordinator, Priya Singh, and concluded with a friendly match of Cricket Dads. The young cricketers enthusiastically cheered their parents, just like how their parents cheered, supported and guided them for the last 12 weeks.
While the Head Coach, Ranjeet Singh, monitored the overall training and development of the youth league, we have appointed one Lead Parent Coach per team too. The coaches shared a few lines of motivation and encouragement for every player as they received the awards. The Lead Coaches are:
  • Two - U7 teams Priya Singh.
  • Three - U9 teams Sai T, Gary Budoor and Srini Daggumati.
  • Three - U14 teams Sanjay Kumar, Phil Ewing and Vikas Palhan.
Here are the Top Performers of the Tournament:
Level MVP Best Batsman Best Bowler
U7 Teams Ritu Singh - Little Masters Avighna K - Little Warriors -
U9 Teams Suchir T - Master Blasters Yuvraj Singh - Master Blasters Ashish - Titans
U14 Teams Ardhendu B - STL Super Kings Agam Saluja - Phantoms Akshay Mehta - STL Super Kings
Individual trophies were awarded to all the Players and Coaches too.
The League plans to develop Youth Cricket to next level in 2013. The League also hopes to have some regional/state level tournaments in near future which would give the youth an objective and motivation to take up the sport of cricket and grow.

2012 Youth Cricket Tournament #1 - Champions
Level Team Name MVP Best Bowler Best Batsman
Age 5-8 Jr. Mavericks Kausthubh Yuvraj Nilesh
Age 9-13 STL Super Kings Ardhendu Mohith Sparsh
2012 Youth Cricket Tournament #1 - Runner Up
Level Team Name MVP Best Bowler Best Batsman
Age 5-8 All Stars Sansh Abhiru Mehul
Age 9-13 Ninjas Yash Rob Kushal