Youth Cricket Tournament

STL Cricket League is very pleased to announce that STLCL - Youth Cricket is now a proud member of USYCA (The United States Youth Cricket Association is an Associate Member of the United States of America Cricket Association and is aggressively working towards development of Youth Cricket across country). STLCL - Youth Cricket successfully completed the first Youth Cricket Tournament with 37 enthusiastic children between the ages of 5-13.

STLCL - Youth Cricket League is committed to promoting and introducing cricket to the kids from Age 5 - 14. Cricket is a very popular sport in Asia, Europe, Australia and also United States in states like Florida, New Jersey, etc. But in Midwest states like Missouri and Illinois, it is just sprouting. If we nurture the youth properly at young age, one day they might proudly represent our state and country.

Cricket, if properly promoted to America's youth, can become the new equal-opportunity sport. While there are other sports like basketball, football, baseball, that requires a certain body stature and physical ability, Cricket is not just a sport of power or speed, but it's a game of talent, and everyone can excel in this sport by proper training and hard work. Cricket can become the sport that encourages the kids to work hard and become the best they can be. Cricket also possesses the unique potential to appeal to all athletes, not just those who are typically large, strong or fast. Cricket rewards patience, technique and intelligence. Stature has very little to do with eventual greatness.

We welcome all the participants and their parent-coaches and together we can make this a SUCCESSFUL EVENT.

Organizing Committee.